Did you know that, on average, we spend almost two months of our lives mowing our lawns?! And of course for gardeners, landscapers, and groundskeepers, that figure is significantly higher!

This interesting figure comes from research by artificial lawn supplier, Grono, who also found that the average time taken to mow the lawn is 60 minutes.

Dedicating two months of our lives to lawn mowing seems excessive to us and it got us thinking, ‘How can we save time when it comes to tackling the lawn?’.  Here are some tips:

Get a Robotic Automower
Without doubt the best way to cut your time spent mowing is to not do any at all! Achieve this by investing in an robotic automower which not only means no more mowing, but can also help to improve lawn condition also.  Automatically cutting every day, using a random cutting pattern that ensures the whole lawn is kept neat and trim, robotic automowers are the perfect way to achieve a beautiful fuss free lawn.  Although many cost a pretty penny, there are some more economic options.  Browse the selection below:

Mow efficiently
The most efficient way to mow the lawn is in a circle pattern.  This means no stops and turns, which speeds the process up. If cutting this way doesn’t appeal to you, opt to mow in rows; if your garden is wider than it is long, mow width ways, if longer than wide, mow length ways to keep the number of turns to a minimum.  By lawn mowing longer rows, you turn less frequently which saves time and keeps your mower cutting.  

Round off edges
By keeping borders and beds rounded it is easier to mow up to and around them, saving time spent later trying to clean up the edges.  Simply slide the mower around the borders and garden beds for a nice clean cut.  

Go for capacity
Choose a mower that offers a large capacity cuttings bag, thus reducing the number of times you need to empty it during the mow. The Honda HRX for example delivers power and performance and boasts a 2.5 bushel grass collector, helping to reduce downtime.  Listed below are some capacity mowers.

Enjoy it
If you’ve done all you can to keep the mowing process to a minimum and you still feel it is taking up too much of your time, at least enjoy the process by getting your family involved.  Mowing the lawn can be a great way to spend quality time with your children, while teaching them an essential home care lesson.  

This article was written by Red Band UK.  For more info, follow the link to their website.


Author: Brennan Young

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