Essential oils (EO) have been used for centuries for personal care and overall health and wellness.  Today, essential oils are rather abundant and can be found at many local supermarkets and health food stores.  Although many claim wonderful health benefits from the use of essential oils, little know of the amazing wonders it can do for your garden as well.  Essential oils are my top choice for garden pest control because it is totally organic and can offer multiple benefits to plants.  Here is a list of some essential oil garden recipes that you need to start using in your garden.

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“Much like red ants, mosquitos  are also good for nothing.  Mosquitos can carry deadly diseases which will harm much more than just your garden!”

6 “Essential” Essential Oil Garden Recipes

Peppermint Oil Spray

Use this spray to battle ants, spiders, beetles, and moths.  It will also give your garden a nice scent!

Mix together well in a spray bottle and apply as needed.  This mixture can also be applied to cotton balls which can be placed around the garden.

Fungus-Away Spray

Fungus is a common problem in gardens.  Although there are many “good” fungi, bad fungi can destroy a garden very quickly.  It’s important to make sure your garden free from any dangerous fungi.  Use this spray immediately after noticing fungus growth on plants.

  • 20 drops tea tree oil
  • 1 tsp dish soap
  • 2 oz distilled water

Mix ingredients thoroughly in spray bottle.  Spray on and around infected areas of noticeable fungus growth.  Re-apply daily until fungus is gone.

Red Ant Mix

Nobody likes red ants.  If you find a red ant hill, do not hesitate to use this mixture and send a flood of destruction down the colony!

Mix ingredients together thoroughly and pour into ant hill.  You may need to do this repeatedly over the first few days as the ants may try to colonize nearby.

General Insecticide

This mixture is ideal as a basic spray which can be used to help prevent unwanted insects from coming into your garden.

Mix ingredients together thoroughly in a spray bottle.  Spray onto plants and garden area with full coverage.  Reapply as needed.

Insect Repellant

Much like red ants, mosquitos  are also good for nothing.  Mosquitos can carry deadly diseases which will harm much more than just your garden!

Mix ingredients together thoroughly in a spray bottle.  Spray this around your garden area to help repel insects.  The mix can also be sprayed after heavy rains to help deter mosquitos.

All-Purpose Spray 

Much like the General Insecticide mixture, this spray can be used as a general, all-purpose repellent.  This is primarily what I use when I do not have a specific infestation.

Mix ingredients together thoroughly in a spray bottle.  Spray this mixture every 1-2 weeks (depending on rain frequency).  This is a great mixture to prevent and kill any unwanted pests.

NOTE: distilled water is used to avoid the build up solids in the spray bottle nozzle.  Hard water is water that most likely comes out of your tap, this water has mineral particles which can build up over time and clog the sprayer.  

I personally enjoy using the Aura Cacia brand (no affiliation) because they are 100% pure therapeutic grade. I use this brand for my personal needs as well as my essential oil garden recipes.  Give it a try!

Although essential oils are (for the most part) beneficial to humans, some people may be hypersensitive to undiluted EOs.  If you are sensitive to EO’s, it’s best to use a pair of gloves when mixing and applying these mixtures.  

Author: Brennan Young

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