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I’m so glad you joined us today and can’t wait for you to use this site as a resource for all your gardening, health & wellness, cooking, and home DIY project needs. My goal is to supply you with an answers and insights into all of your needs.  Read on the find out what The Urban Farmer is all about!

What’s the purpose of The-Urban-Farmer.com?

As the name suggests, we specialize in farming and gardening in urban settings.  The concept of urban farming is simple.  It’s creatively using what little space there is to have an effective farm or garden.  Whether it’s edible is up to you, either way we have all the information to get started!  I also have a passion for healthy living.  I am constantly on the prowl for information about living a healthy lifestyle.  Much of the articles on this site will also be about health and wellness.

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If you enjoy the content on this site please do not be afraid to be a contributor.  The Urban Farmer is a rather new site, and I would like to encourage our community (that’s you) to join in and share your useful knowledge.  Perhaps it’s a DIY that you are working on or a great garden design idea you’ve got, whatever it is please share it with us!  We’d love to see what wonderful things people are doing out there.

Thanks for stopping by The Urban Farmer. You may contact me at contact@the-urban-farmer.com.  I’ll respond to you within a day.  Happy farming!